When you live in the Jungle...

The North American´s went to Lima to pick up our residency cards a few days ago. It was an amazing little 2 day vacation. After living here for 8 weeks it seemed like the most modern city ever! We are now officially Peruvian (sort of)... pretty exciting!
We came back feeling a little refreshed after having hot showers and not having to sleep under a mosquito net... riding in cars... things like that. On the way back from the airport our mototaxi broke down (this happens often but they usually can fix it right away). Then we were rear ended. All is fine just not the funnest experience. The electricity was going in and out in the city. Another thing that happens often. However the last time it went out it fried the electricity in our room. So the first night back in what felt like 98 degree heat we had no fans. We find out the next day that all of the fans and everything that was plugged in is now also fried. Luckily we have some guys who know some things about electrician... and many hours and lots of changing wires later we´re back in action.
There is only one place in Iquitos with wireless internet. That place has been shut down for a few days and we don´t know when it will be back up. So for now no more picture updates, or calling my family on Skype. I'm hoping we´ll be back in action there fairly soon.
It's hard when we just have a few small comforts and those are taken away. The day after we didn´t have fans everyone had slept horribly and was cranky the next day.
So for now really trying to work on my patience! I used to think I was a pretty patient person... but I think I am learning otherwise... or at least learning that I have a lot TO learn.