Getting Ready for Vacation

It's been a whirlwind last few weeks as I've worked to finish up my work in our first church plant in Belen. Tomorrow we all (Peruvians and North Americans) get to leave to go back to our homes for a month long, much needed, vacation! Every group of 40/40 missionaries has one break during their time working for Extreme and our break happens to fall over the end of December and beginning of January. What luck!

We have all been antsy for weeks, dreaming about things like hot showers, American food, driving in cars, windows with glass in them, getting to speak in English all the time, and other things of that nature.

The time has finally come. I can't wait to give my parents and sister huge hugs tomorrow night at the airport. And to do the same with friends and other family not too long afterward.

So tonight will be my last night sleeping under a mosquito net for a month. I'm so blessed by the work that I am doing here, and really do love my job. But a vacation to the States for a month is much needed for all. We can't wait for a little relaxing in the comforts of our homes!

Thanksgiving in Iquitos

On Monday night we celebrated Thanksgiving down here in Iquitos. Monday's are the only days that our entire group is together, so we "postponed" our holiday a little bit. Last year we had actually celebrated EARLY before we left the city of Arequipa and met our partners.

So this was the first year that we celebrated as an entire "family" with our Peruvian partners. It was really special to get to share this holiday with the Peruvians. They loved it as well! Our cluster support family worked really hard to make the day very special for all of us. We had all the classic Thanksgiving fixings... turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato souffle, rolls, green beans, rice (for our peruvians), and lots of pies! The food was absolutely delicious. I stuffed myself I think more than I EVER have.

We all sat together at one long table. We had also invited the District Super Intendent and his family, who live on the same compound as us. So all together we were 16 adults and 5 kids. We sang songs together, gave thanks for the things God has done in our lives over this past year, told stories, and in general just had a great time of fellowship.

Our group has truly become a family. I'm sometimes amazed at how close God has brought us, even with all of our many background and cultural and even language differences. It was truly a great Thanksgiving!