Jungle Stuff

  • I crawled into bed one night and found a frog in my bed with me.
  • The other night my friend Brad woke up with a mouse partway in his mouth.
  • The next day my friend Nancy woke up with a mouse in her bed.
  • I have eaten cow stomach soup, and soup with a whole fish in it (eyes, tail, bones, scales).
  • I found a grasshopper bigger than my hand.
  • Our family in Pucallpa had a tarantula in their house.
  • I accidentally scared the tail off a lizard.
  • Lizards happen to live on our ceiling in our room, I think they like the lights.
  • The other day I went with my friend Brittany to the orthodontist and there was a lady waiting with her baby monkey.

Jungle life sure isn´t boring.