Miming and Belen

So things have been changed around a little bit here with our mission. We are now in charge of planting one church during our training. 2 of the missionaries (my friend Melissa and her partner Dalila) will be in charge of planting this church in the district of Belen, the poorest area in Iquitos. This week we had intense 7 hour a day classes on different ways to evangelize, part of which involved learning how to Mime. Random but fun!
Yesterday we went out to Belen to do some evangelism work in the hopes of jump starting their church planting process. We went to the Plaza in Belen and performed a couple of skits, had a short message, and then went around and talked with different people there. The main goal was to collect names and addresses for houses where Melissa and Dalila could go and visit. We had evangelism bracelets to give out. I sat down with about 5 kids and started to explain the meanings of the different colors on the beads. At one point I looked up and realized I was surrounded by at least 30 kids, all completely quiet and listening. I absolutely LOVED it. God knew I needed a little boost in spirit... and what an amazing way to do it! For the rest of the time I had a couple of little friends following me around and hanging on me and playing with me. In that moment I had this feeling that my life would never be quite the same. Talking with the people in Belen, seeing all of the need there, my heart swelled with a want to try and help them. About half of the kids didn't have shoes, all were in dirty clothes and most looked like it had been a long time since they had had a bath. I'm so blessed to be part of an organization that wants to evangelize by meeting these social needs.
I'm excited to see what God has in store for Belen! Be praying for this community as we try to start to plant a church there.

Drew getting his face painted.

Part of our crowd.

Performing one of the skits.