Yo Necessito Practicar Espanol! Sun. Aug. 30, 2009 2:00pm

We have arrived! Yesterday we arrived in Arequipa, Peru at about 6 in the morning. We were then taken straight to the school where we will be learning Spanish for 4 hours a day 5 days a week starting tomorrow. There we met the families that we will be living with. I LOVE the family that I’m living with! They are super nice and are helping us out so much. I’m living with 2 other 40/40 missionaries, one of whom knows about as much Spanish as I do (which is enough I think to be dangerous), and the other who doesn’t speak any. Yesterday we sat for hours on end while the mom (Miluska) spoke to us in Spanish. I could understand a decent amount but speaking was more difficult. At night they drove us around the city. 5 adults and 2 kids piled into one little car. Quite an experience! They city has many beautiful places. I’ll post pictures later, for now I don’t have internet and will be posting this later.
I’ve had many interesting foods so far… not sure what they are called. This morning was a drink that looked like gravy cooked on the stove. Then strawberries were added to it and it was all mixed in a blender. It almost tasted like a smoothie but warm. Yesterday was warm papaya juice. Lots of rice (arroz) and lots of bread (pan).
Ok gotta go for now. Es tiempo por almuerzo! (That’s probably totally wrong, haha)