This is the name I hear about half the time when I´m working in Belen. It literally means "little white one", in an endearing sort of way.

Yesterday before our church service we went around inviting our contacts in Belen to the service. The friend of one our contacts sells food in front of her house. She said to me "gringita! Ven!" Literally "Gringita come!". She had me sit down and placed in front of me a fish with part of the head that she pulled with her hands out of a grayish water, and a banana (a different kind that tastes more like a vegetable). She told me to eat it all. And didn´t offer my partners any. So with my smiling missionary face I ate all of it, picking out the fish bones and attempting not to gag too much as I felt the scales on my tongue.

I´m pretty sure she just wanted to see if the "Gringa" would actually eat what they eat all the time. It was pretty funny. Afterwards she gave me a very full glass of grayish water... I´m assuming river water.

The miracle? My stomach is totally fine! Not sick at all. Praise God! My partners were just trying not to laugh at me the whole time. Julianna said "well it´s just another story you have to add to your adventures in Peru". She´s right.