Learning to go with the flow

It´s a good thing that I am a pretty flexible and laid back person. At least when it comes to most things. Which is good because after a very long story short I am now on my third partner for this missions trip. Her name is Juliana and she is awesome as well, but I am sad to lose my old partner Miluska.
The first week here in the jungle has been very interesting. I am very much learning to trust God and let Him be my strength. And I know I still have SO much to learn. This is the verse I´ve been really understanding more and more these past few days: Joshua 1:9 ¨Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
The communication has been a little rough. I know it will get better, but having the vocabulary of a 5 year old has been a little frustrating to me lately. Classes only in Spanish are exhausting. And having homework that would probably take me less than half an hour in English but takes me 2 hours in Spanish is a little frustrating as well. But I know that this is all necessary to improve my vocabulary. I am being humbled. I am learning to give up some of my independent spirit and rely more on my Father.
At the same time I am LOVING the jungle. I never realized quite how much I LOVE the rain. So far every day we´ve been here it has rained with thunder and lightning storms... and I just can´t get enough! And because of this it is so GREEN everywhere. I LOVE riding in mototaxi´s. I´m not sure that I´ll ever want to ride in a real car again. I LOVE having an hour of devotions every morning before the day has even started.
Our days are pretty busy... but I like busy. This is turning into a hodge podge blog but I´ll put it out there anyway:
Mon - Fri:
6-7am devotions
7-8am breakfast
8-1pm class
1-2 lunch
2-6 homework, studying, 2 days a week going to our church for ¨practicals¨ which means working in the church
6-6:30pm dinner
Then 3 nights a week we have church 7:30-9:30.
Any more free time for studying or mud fights in the rain.
10pm lights out

Sat: Our day of ¨rest¨ = free day. But we still have breakfast at 7am so no sleeping in.
Sun: Church in the morning and at night.

Phew! Busy life I seem to have now! Pray that I can bond with my new partner as I started to do with Miluska... and that I can learn to let God be my strength.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot... I got to give the devotional in the morning yesterday. All in Spanish. I was a little nervous about it but I think it went pretty well.

Dios le bendiga...