"Festival of Life"

Today at our church we had a "Festival of Life" instead of doing something for Halloween. The Christian church does NOT dress up in costumes here. It's considered very wrong because Halloween is of the devil. So instead our church put on a little party for kids. We sang some songs, played a few games, had a skit, ate a ton of food and candy. It went pretty well. Yesterday we went around the neighborhoods passing out flyers inviting people to come and we ended up having a little over 40 kids. AWESOME!
Yesterday the children's pastor asked me and a couple others if we could teach a song to the kids. So today I taught "Who is the King of the Jungle" or "Quien es el Rey de la Selva". A very simple song but it was good practice! I'm comfortable being in front of and teaching kids... but in Spanish was a little different story! It went very well though.